From: Ewen Chia - The Real Internet Millionaire
To: Wannabe Internet Millionaire

Want to make so much money it's sickening?

Want to do it with absolutely no online marketing skills at all?

Want to do it with no money at all?

Want to start today?

If you answered yes to any of these...

You better read this all the way until the bitter end...

If you’ve got Skype open, close it now. 

If you've got other tabs open close them now. 

If your door is open...close it. 

And lock it. 

This will be the most important letter you ever read. I promise you that.

Because I have great news...

(1,765,231 Unique Visitors To A NEW Website!)

(2,271,168 Unique Visitors To Another Website!)

You can do this WITHOUT any prior internet marketing skills... 

And the traffic doesn’t even have to go to your website. 

You can make money by sending it to someone else’s website and pocket affiliate commissions.

Affiliate commissions are monies paid to you for selling someone else’s product. 

It’s the sweetest kind of money. 

Totally hands off.

All you need to do is drive the traffic. 

But the point here isn’t the traffic. 

The point here is the sales...

Saw that?

STOP trying every network marketing scheme under the sun looking for your big break. 

Your big break is right here. 

STOP worrying about where to get your traffic. 

All your traffic needs for any offer are right here

STOP worrying about how much this costs. 

Whatever it costs. It’s worth it. Because you can make $10,000+ in a single week now. 

It’s time for “1 Million Visitors”.

The complete course that takes you from nothing to 1 million hits on any website...and I mean ANY website at all.

Without always paying for traffic...

And without any particular internet marketing skills...

I haven’t introduced myself. And that’s rude of me. So allow me to do so now. 

I’m Ewen Chia. 

I’ve dominated the competition selling affiliate nearly every niche including....

 Debt Consolidation
 Weight loss
 MLM and business opportunities
 Dog training
 Law of Attraction
 Financial Aid
 Real Estate

I’ve won more affiliate contests than I can count...

I’m also #1 international bestselling author of the print book, “How I Made My First Million Online And How You Can Too!”.

This book made such a splash it was actually featured on Amazon and held the main bestseller number one spot for weeks and weeks....

I’ve been marketing online since 1997.

That’s because I test more traffic sources than any of my competitors could ever dream of. This guide draws on the knowledge I’ve gained testing traffic for the past 20 years!

Until today I’ve kept these traffic sources very secret. 

Even my mom doesn’t know what they are....

But you will...

I’ve used these traffic sources to beat up all the gurus in online contests. 

Have a look:

Those are the biggest marketers online, but they didn’t stand a chance against my traffic sources. 

I even became a little famous for what I was doing.

Here’s an article about me from the media:

My speciality became selling other people’s products. 

Which is called “Affiliate Marketing”.

When affiliate marketing was combined with my traffic sources it was like a nuclear explosion.

I took a small fraction of my secrets and put them into a print book called “How I Made My First Million On The Internet And How You Can Too!”

And that shot straight to #1 on Amazon and is still a bestseller to this day. 

And I owe it all to these secret traffic sources.

When you have these traffic sources, you can do the same.

And all you need to do is follow my instructions and you’ll be one them.

There’s more to this traffic secret than I made it out to be...

You see... 

There’s something you, the reader, don’t know. 

And it’s a matter of shame for me and my friends...

It’s the reason you are still struggling. 

The reason you’re still struggling is you don’t know how to drive traffic. 

And the reason you don’t know how to drive traffic is because gurus will never let anyone know about their real traffic sources. 

They guard that information like Fort Knox. 

So you can buy courses from 27 to 97 dollars all day long. 

And you will never get real traffic sources that work.

These are guru meetups which cost $100,000 dollars to attend. 

The $100,000 dollar price tag is intentional. 

It locks out all the newbies. Like you. 

It ensures only the people who have the real traffic sources are let in. 

These are the ONLY places where they share their real traffic sources. 

They do it because (a) they want to show off and (b) they know nobody will share it with the newbies. 

Because once a traffic secret gets quickly loses its the competition becomes too great. 

Well I am a "guru". 

And I attend ALL of these high end masterminds. 

They are usually in Vegas or San Diego or L.A. 

“Cool” places. And in the most swanky hotels you’ve ever been in. 

Now I am good at traffic. Damn good. 

So I have a lot to share...

He was quiet. He wore a hoodie. 

He didn’t seem to fit in. 

I had never seen him at any other guru Masterminds...

But he was a Traffic Master like I’ve never seen...

He gave over one traffic strategy after another...the words were coming out of his mouth like a stream...

Then he hesitated. 

He stopped. 

And you could see the wheels in his brain turning like Bobby Fischer in the championship round...

A smile took over his face. 

I could tell he was thinking about his best juiciest secret of all. 

And he was deciding whether he should share it. 

The group was silent...

Just waiting for Doug to decide. 

Then he muttered the words “what the hell”...

By a mile...

And I immediately knew that if this secret was used in combination with my own skills..

The results would be nuclear. 

And they were. 

I couldn’t wait to get back from the hotel and to get onto my laptop....

I ran the strategy...I combined it with my own...

I let time go by...

And the next time I checked back I had 1 million hits to my website...and had made...$482,938.

This was insane. 

I was jumping around the room like a schoolgirl. 

But I didn’t care. 

I now had the ultimate power...

Gurus like me will be making millions in the background...while you’re still buying $47-$97 dollar ebooks which take you to nowhere. 

Well, they take you to internet marketing hell. Full of regret and shame and lost monies.

And I got angry. 

I said. How is it fair that these things are so easy for people like me and so hard for people like you?

It isn’t fair. 

I’m no better than you. 

I’m a regular person. Who was lucky enough to find the right traffic sources...

I decided. It would be okay if I shared this nuclear traffic secret with just a few people. 

And that’s exactly what I’m doing today.

First I shared it with a few people I know in real life...

Here’s what happened:


Holy crap. This traffic secret is totally nuclear. I own an indoor playground and jungle gym for kids. 

I deployed “1 Million Visitors“ on a Tuesday....

By next Tuesday I had lines of parents in kids out the door and snaking around the entire building. 

Business has never been better. And I am so excited. Because I’ve tried tens of traffic methods and never got so much as a trickle. 

Now I have an avalanche. 

Thank you so much Ewen!"

Brian Finkel, Rio Nevada


You continue to amaze me. All your traffic secrets have been great. But this one is completely different. Just like you said, it’s nuclear. I made hundreds of thousands of dollars last year on just that method alone. I’m SWIMMING in orders for my boogie boards...

Keep doing the good work. It’s helping the little guy like me.“

Abe Reits Houston, TX

And the stories just went on and on and on...

Then I decided....

Not a lot....

I don’t want to ruin this method for myself or Doug. 

But I can let in 100 people. 

No more. No less. 

Just 100.

I ask you...

What would 1 million visitors to your website (or an affiliate website) do for your life?

What could you buy?

What kinds of debts could you delete?

What would you be driving? 

What kinds of parties could you be attending?

Is it a cruise with your wife?

It is a “magellan” trip around the world?

1 million visitors can make a world of difference. In fact...

I know it’s changed mine. 

Even though I made damn good money in the past. I personally have never made money anything like this as I make with "1 Million Visitors".

I made “1 Million Visitors” into a course...

A complete course that contains both easy-to-follow videos and in-depth PDF guides...

A course that’s easy peezy lemon squeezy. 

A course that anyone can pick up today and start getting their first 1,000 clicks tomorrow. 

I created this course with love. 

Every page has been taken and retaken to make sure it’s crystal clear and so easy a 10 year old can do it. If you are here in time...

I want you to have this course.

If you are one of the 100....

You deserve this course....

You can be making money on Day 1. 

And I want day 1 to be today...for you...

So when are we going to get started?

Before you can answer that you need to ask yourself a serious question...

Who do you really want to be. 

How do you really want to live....

Wouldn’t you like to swap that Mazda for a Tesla.

Wouldn’t you like to swap your $100,000 house for a million dollar house.

Imagine picking up a pen, writing out a check and paying off your 30 year mortgage in one fell swoop...

Really imagine it...

Can you feel that stress just falling right off your shoulders?

What would you give to live like that?

Is there any price you can put on it...

How about $10,000.00?

Wouldn’t $10,000.00 be worth it for a point-and-click system that can generate you $10,000.00 fast?

Sure it would. 

Because you could keep generating that $10,000.00 dollars over and over again for life.

But what if I told you you don’t have to pay $10,000.00. 

What if I told you you didn’t even need to pay $5,000.00

Well you're in luck...because access to this will only cost you $1, $1,000.00 is what this really costs. 

But hang on...don’t leave just yet...

Because there’s a twist to this...that’s going to make it a lot easier for you to get in...a LOT easier...

See I know that when you're armed with my “1 Million Visitors” strategy....

You’re going to make a lot more than $1,000.00.

So what I’m doing is...

And you’re going to pay me back over time with the money you make...

What this means is...I’ve made your entrance into the “1 Million Visitors” program...absolutely free. 

Yes free. 

Why would I do that?

Two reasons:

1. Because I believe in you. 

2. I believe in the system. 

Is that good enough for ya?


As much as I want to make it completely free...

I do want to make sure you’re serious...

So to ensure I don't get a bunch of floaters in here...

I will charge you the amount that you’d get charged for any typical guru product. Not more. Not less. 

Just $1,000.00 $37 is all it’ll take...

For you to get the ability to make that $10,000.00. Anytime you want. Anywhere you want. 

I think you’d agree that that’s fair shake. 


I know something about you...

You said to yourself. 

What if it doesn’t work for me? I don’t really like shelling my money out for things that might not work?

But here’s what I say to that. 

I say we’re backing up your purchase...

With a guarantee so can never possibly lose a dime. In fact you’re guaranteed to make money. A lot of money.

The guarantee is this...

That means you’re sitting pretty. You already know you’re going to make $1K this month or keep all your money. Those are your only two options.

And I think you know what we call that in the industry. 

It’s called a no-brainer. 

It’s called “you just won the money-making lottery and you don’t know it yet.”

Just think ..even if you just made $1,000.00 one would be getting a 12,000% return on your investment?

So are you a smart investor or a dumb one?

You tell me.

That she was 4 months behind on her mortgage and her house was recently saved thanks to my "1 Million Visitors" System.

I’ve got another email from a guy whose car was about to be repossessed by the leasing company. 

He’s now paid back everything he owed...thanks to the “1 Million Visitors” system.

I don’t know your situation. 

But ask yourself...

How different would you feel...if you had this sitting in your bank account tomorrow.

What kind of confidence would you feel if you had the knowledge to generate money any time you like....

The opportunity here is breathtaking. 

The way your life can unimaginable. 

So the way I see it you only have two choices right now. 

You can move fast. 

Or fail hard. 

It’s up to you. 

There’s an order button below. 

Hover your mouse over that button.

And let the money-making begin....

Delay this...

And you lose this opportunity forever and trust me you don’t want to do that.

It would be a crime to miss out on this. 

And not just a crime to you....but a crime to the little boy or girl you used to be....

Remember when you were that age?

The freedom you felt. 

The freedom you thought you’d always have. 

The dreams that had no limits. 

This is a chance to get back there. 

This is a chance to get back who you really are....

You are probably looking at one of the most important decisions of your life.

Your next move decides. 

Keep those dreams alive...

They’re YOUR dreams...

No boss should be able to wrench them from you...

No bill collector should be allowed to stomp on them...

When they take those dreams...they take a part of your soul....

Ask yourself:

Do I really want to the spend the next 40 years...

Racking my brains trying to balance a budget... 

Doesn’t it get old?

There is....

Hit the button below.

Fill out the form on the next page.

And let the good side of your life begin...

I once heard a comedian say...

They say money doesn’t buy you happiness...but it does buy you a wave runner.

And I’ve never seen someone sad on a waverunner...

It’s a funny joke. 

But he has a point.

Freedom to buy what you want to buy, live where you want to live, and be who you want to be. 

Just imagine walking into a random open house and just buy the house....

You go to check it out.

You whip out a checkbook and you buy it. 

Imagine the freedom of being able to yes to everything the waiter offers...

Imagine the freedom to be as lazy as you want to be...

Why not?

Hit the button. 

Fill out the form. 

And see what it’s like...

There are only a few reasons people don’t order this system....

Guilt about making money this easy...

Then there’s those that have....Fear.

Fear of failure.

And then there’s those who have uncertainty about what money like this will bring...

So let me just tell you. 

You’re not alone. 

All of our new students deal with these same emotions. 

But let me just show you what happens when they get over those fears..

I’m George Simms and I have made $1,255,678 this year. (I am a millionaire)

Folks. If anybody else is hearing this. I would sell everything in your house to get this doesn’t matter what it costs. 

I have never seen anything like this before. And I don’t think anything like it exists...I really was at the right place at the right time....and I hope you are too…

Hi I’m Lauren Raider

And I must say I felt a little weirded out about the idea of making this kind of money with that amount of work. It didn’t seem right. But you know what? I”m really glad I did it. I’ve made $30,867 in the past 4 months....

I’ve donated huge amounts of money to local orphans and was able to completely remodel my church. 

This program really is a blessing and I never could have dreamed it would happen to me. But it did.

I’m Matt Bennet. 

And I had no idea what this system was all about and I was very intimidated..

Boy am I glad I took the plunge. 

Heck I’ve made $120,000 in the past 6 months!

And I couldn’t be happier..


Whatever you’re feeling. Whatever you’s worth it. 

The button below unlocks a life you can’t imagine...

It’s your doorway to paradise. 

Doesn’t it make sense to at least take a peek?

Who knows what might happen? 

Well I can tell you one thing for sure...

And if you don’t give it a try you’ll stay exactly where you are. 

Now you tell me what’s the better move...

Hit the button.

You’re holding yourself back...

I can tell....

Because you’re still here...when you should be in there making your first $1,000.

What is it?

Is it the fear that it won’t work out?

I’ve guaranteed it will work out.

Is it the price?

Folks. The price is free. This pays for itself or you don’t pay, remember?

And I should remind you...

There’s somebody else out there...

Watching this the same time as you...

And I don’t know how many slots we have this time. 

But I know it isn’t many. 

That other guy isn’t afraid of success. 

That other guy cares for his family...

That other guy will click the button and take your slot. And then what?

Then you’re locked out forever. 

Then you just missed out on the chance to live the life of a millionaire.

Because you decided to hesitate. 

It’s just not worth it.

There never has been...

And there never will be a system that makes this kind of money this just doesn’t exist. 

Hit the button and I’ll be waiting for you on the next page to start the money making immediately.

If this page is still up and you’re able to read’re one of the lucky ones.

Take advantage of this insane offer. 

Click the order button below and fill out your details on the next page. 

It’s a 22-SSL bit encrypted order page. So you know you are completely safe.

But you need to act now or this website will be gone. 

Click the order button below and fill out your details on the next page...

And I’ll see you on the rich side...

To Your Success!

Copyright (C) Ewen Chia, - All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

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